About Our THC + CBD infused line

Healing salves... our best seller, Lemongrass Utility Cream.


Essential oils have been known to heal our bodies, naturally, since the beginning. Why treat the flower of Cannabis any differently? We at Wild Seeds Utility Cream have come up with a few recipes that help reduce pain, inflammation and calm mild anxiety, topically... and we are excited about that!!!

All natural deodorants. Know what you’re putting in those pits!

Can be legally obtained in California

In the Northern California area? Stop by Curbstone Exchange in Felton, they currently carry our products. Look them up, https://curbstoneexchange.org. Unfortunately these products at this strength are only available at our local medical dispensaries. Rules are a changing and Im sure it'll be legal in more states soon. Until then, please educate yourself on the benefits of cannabis infused products. If it's legal in your state, please ask your local dispensaries to reach out to us via email. We'd love for them to carry our line of THC infused topical products.

Like to get your hands on our products...

We'd love to get our infused products  [for topical use ONLY] in your hands. Contact us and we can let you know what local dispensaries are currently carrying our products.

THC infused Products

* these products are not for sale online. please contact us directly