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Wild seeds utility cream All-natural Deodorant

Small Family Owned Business!!!!

We have been making our own lotions and balms for years. Friends and strangers alike have been asking for it, so we have decided to make it 'our business' to keep everyone moisturized.

Soccer tournament wild seeds utility cream relieving joint and muscle pain

Natural & Healthy Ingredients!

We are super picky about what we put on our skin, and you should be too. Our skin is the largest organ that we have, so lets treat it with care. All of our products have healing elements that will keep your skin & hair healthy... and who doesn't want that?

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We love what we do...

We stay educated and well informed on what ingredients that go into our products. We can't wait to hear about your positive results, after using our balms on your skin. Post your pictures on Instagram and Facebook and follow us @wildseedsutilitycream. Have questions about your product? email us:


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Wild Seeds Utility Cream LLC

California, United States